Finnish Fibreboard
Clean energy

Wood is clean energy; even after having been processed into a product, it continues its life in recycling and as a source of heat.  

In order to save nature and reduce energy costs, energy efficiency is important in all spheres of life, but especially in construction – construction accounts for about half the world’s natural resources and about 40% of its waste. As a renewable natural resource, wood offers the chance to reduce emissions and save non-renewable natural resources.

Wood’s good heat insulation, durability and breathing properties make it ideal for wood construction, in which Finland already boasts long traditions. With wood products, it is easy to built an energy-efficient house, as long as design, installation and the choice of materials are done correctly; the air-tightness, thermal insulation and wind protection of a house’s shell are all important criteria for the high-quality construction of a wooden house.

LION boards have been developed over the decades to meet the requirements of modern wood construction in terms of emissions and weather durability, and they also contribute to energy-efficient construction. Energy efficiency is an important part of the operations of Finnish Fibreboard; in addition to energy-efficient products, the saving and recycling of energy are important in all operations and development work.