Finnish Fibreboard
From Finnish forests

LION boards are made from Finnish forests; fine natural wooden raw material honed to perfection with Finnish expertise.

Wood is a completely renewable natural resource, whose excellent insulating and strength properties are especially suitable for wood construction. For Finns, wood has been a familiar building material through the ages, and will certainly continue to be in the future; in Finland, the forest grows more quickly than it is felled. The volume of wood needed for one year’s residential construction in Finland grows in Finnish forest in less than one working day.

LION boards are manufactured from pure sawdust and wood chips from the wood industry. The raw material for the boards comes almost completely from PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)-certified forests, according to which the journey of the wood can be followed all the way from the forest to the finished boards. Compressed into finished LION boards, hardboards, the wood’s own lignin acts as the gluing substance for the wood fibres. Small amounts of wax and resin are added to both hard- and softboards in order to improve their weather durability and strength. The manufacturing process for LION boards is based on a Finnish tradition spanning more than 80 years, which has been honed to perfection over the decades to meet the requirements of modern construction.