Finnish Fibreboard
Thinking about our environment

Environmental protection and management are a fixed part of the operations of Finnish Fibreboard Ltd. The company takes responsibility for the welfare of the environment and for observing the principles of sustainable development.

The selection of raw materials and manufacturing processes, and the product development process aim to minimise the burden on and the environment. Raw material procurement is done so that the bulk of the raw wood material that the company uses comes from certified forests.

Our mill in Heinola has valid environmental permit, and utilises modern evaporation technology in its operations. These measures enable us to be sure that we are conforming to the very demanding permit limits for wastewater effluents.

In the development of our products and our production processes, our important targets are the efficient use of raw materials and energy and being able to recycle the products, including the utilisation of the energy content of the products.

The management of the company is committed not only to the protection of the environment, but also to creating these conditions within the company itself. Its job is to act as an example for the staff, and motivate them to make every effort in their work to protect the environment.