From Finnish forests

LION BoardsTM are made from Finnish forests; fine natural wooden raw material honed to perfection with Finnish expertise.

Wood is a completely renewable natural resource, whose excellent insulating and strength properties are especially suitable for wood construction. For Finns, wood has been a familiar building material through the ages, and will certainly continue to be in the future; in Finland, the forest grows more quickly than it is felled. The volume of wood needed for one year’s residential construction in Finland grows in Finnish forests in less than one working day.

LION BoardsTM are manufactured from pure sawdust and wood chips from the wood industry. The raw material for the boards comes almost completely from PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified forests, according to which the journey of the wood can be followed all the way from the forest to the finished boards. When compressed into finished LION BoardsTM , the wood’s own lignin acts as the gluing substance for the wood fibres. Small amounts of wax and resin are added to some of our hardboards in order to improve their weather durability and strength. The manufacturing process for LION BoardsTM is based on a Finnish tradition spanning more than 80 years, which has been honed to perfection over the decades to meet the requirements of modern construction.

Sawdust and wood chips as a raw material

LION BoardsTM are pressed from pure sawdust and wood chips, preserving the good properties of the wood.

The production process for LION BoardsTM is fully based on a Finnish fibreboard manufacturing tradition dating back 80 years. Over the decades, the process and the properties of the boards have been honed to perfection in order to comply with the requirements of modern construction.

In the LION BoardsTM manufacturing process, sawdust and wood chips generated as a by-product of the wood industry are made into boards through a multi-stage production process. The raw material originates almost completely from PEFC-certified forests, so its origin can be identified and its journey followed all the way to the finished product.

In the manufacturing process, the wood’s own good properties are preserved. In order to improve weather durability and strength, a little wax and resin are added to the LION BoardsTM. As a result of this process, very pure, safe and ecological LION BoardsTM are created, which can easily be used even in interior construction.

Wood is a renewable natural resource

Wood is nature’s own fully renewable material bank.

Wood is a renewable natural resource and is unique in its versatility of use; wood produces not only building material but also biochemicals, paper products, interior decoration products, pharmaceutical materials, biofuels and bioenergy, among others. Wood can be used completely, and can also be fully recycled or used in energy production. The life cycle of wood products is long. In the creation of new wood products and the utilisation of wood, people’s imagination is the only limit.

In Finland, the opportunities to exploit wood and be a pioneer in wood-based expertise are excellent. We have plenty of forests, and they are growing more and faster than they are being thinned through logging. By promoting the use of wood in construction, the volume of emissions caused by construction can be reduced, as wood products absorb carbon and prevent it entering the atmosphere for a long period of time. Wood is also the only own fully renewable building material.

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