No problems with core gaps, delamination and veneer overlaps common with many plywood products
Pre-conditioned boards (as mentioned in BS 8203:2017) are supplied as standard
Available in an easy to handle size (4’x2’ & 4’x3’) and in larger sheets (6, 8, 9 & 10’x4’) for those BIGGER jobs
Oil tempered for extra protection against moisture ingress, and for a flatter, stronger panel
Easy to fix and lay; hard wearing with high impact resistance
Perfect as a fabricated underlay for resilient flooring as stated in BS 8203:2017

Finnish Fibreboard Ltd. hardboard products have carried the CE marking since 2004. We have now updated our previous EC Declaration of Conformity to the new Declaration of Performance. Find out more here.

As a result of their natural composition, LION Boards are safe and high-quality, even in interior decoration. They easily meet the most demanding emissions classification standard for building materials, M1 – our certification for this can be found here

All of our products are available PEFC certified and have full chain of custody. Our product is much greener than the tropical hardwood plywoods that are commonly used as a fabricated underlay, read here to see our green credentials.

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Lion Floor follows the latest British Standard Code of Practice

  • A very rigid fabricated underlay for resilient floors
    complying with BS 8203:2017
  • 3rd party accredited
  • Used in domestic, commercial and retail environments
  • Where a green and sustainable underlay is preferred

Innovation in Hardboard for Flooring Underlay

LION Floor TM is the first hardboard panel to be designed and manufactured specifically for the flooring industry.

At Finnish Fibreboards we offer superior LIONTM branded products which the flooring industry can depend upon. Products which meet and overcome the challenges faced by businesses as budgets are squeezed and limited resources are high on the agenda.

We have been producing hardboards since the 1930s and are extremely proud of our heritage. By using LIONTM branded hardboards, you can be assured that you are using one of the best and most sustainable hardboards produced.

LION FloorTM has been specifically designed to take into consideration the exacting requirements of the flooring industry, and is fully compliant with CFA Guidance and BS8203:2017 code of practice for use as a fabricated underlay prior to the installation of resilient floor coverings.

LION FloorTM is a viable alternative to plywood – with many advantages over some plywood’s.  It is available in a range of different size options – not just 8×4 and 4×2 like most plywood’s. LION FloorTM offers a cost effective alternative to a flooring grade plywood meeting the requirements of BS8203; very important in times when budgets are being squeezed.

Due to its higher density than plywood, LION FloorTM is able to withstand higher point loads than many plywood’s

LION FloorTM is supplied as a pre-conditioned board, saving time when on site. BS8203:2017 and the CFA guide to contract flooring both give details on how fabricated underlays should be installed, but using a pre-conditioned product reduces installation time and helps to ensure that you are using a stable product.

LION FloorTM is a fully engineered board, and unlike the majority of plywood’s available on the market, we can guarantee that our product will not have any core gaps or veneer overlaps.

The Leading Branded Hardboard In Europe

Lion Boards are readily available across EUROPE from all leading STOCKISTS and merchants