As a result of their natural composition, LION Boards are safe and high-quality, even in interior decoration. They easily meet the most demanding emissions classification standard for building materials, M1 – our certification for this can be found here
  • Upholstery frames
  • Shopfitting, display and exhibition sectors
  • Protective structures
  • Temporary structures
  • Packaging and storage
  • Professional and DIY construction

LION GeneralTM is an excellent board for all types of temporary structures and packaging.

General boards are also very suited for protection during construction, because they are durable, impact resistant and stay in place well, thanks to their mesh pattern.

General boards are strong and are often painted and machined for general use by many trades. The sheets do not contain substances that are harmful for people’s health or for the environment, so using and handling them is safe. The amount of formaldehyde measured in our products is the same level as in the pure wood used to make them. Thickness calibration or smoothing can be done on either the surface or the mesh side.

All of our products are available PEFC certified and have full chain of custody. Our product is much greener than the tropical hardwood plywoods that are commonly used as a fabricated underlay, read here to see our green credentials.

LION GeneralTM is used extensively within the construction, building, packaging and shopfitting sectors, for temporary protection as well as within general joinery. It is also widely used by DIY enthusiasts around the world.

View the data sheet for this product here

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