Oil tempered hardboard is hydrophobic and withstands moisture better than standard hardboard
Stronger than standard hardboard
Impregnated with special oil which improves its resistance to moisture
  • Roof underlays (Lion RoofingTM)
  • Van and container linings
  • Construction & protective structures
  • Wall and ceiling linings
  • Flooring underlays
    (Lion FloorTM)
  • Lamination, inc. paper and pvc foils

Europe’s Best Selling Branded Oil Tempered Hardboard

Lion Oil TemperedTM has been tempered with environmentally friendly bio-oil.

The boards are moisture-resistant and suited to service class 2 applications, with an extremely strong structure and excellent racking strength. They are suitable for both permanent structures and for temporary use.

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Finnish Fibreboard Ltd. hardboard products have carried the CE marking since 2004. We have now updated our previous EC Declaration of Conformity to the new Declaration of Performance. Find out more here.

As a result of their natural composition, LION Boards are safe and high-quality, even in interior decoration. They easily meet the most demanding emissions classification standard for building materials, M1 – our certification for this can be found here

All of our products are available PEFC certified and have full chain of custody. Our product is much greener than the tropical hardwood plywoods that are commonly used in similar applications – read here to see our green credentials.

The Leading Branded Hardboard In Europe

Lion Boards are readily available across EUROPE from all leading STOCKISTS and merchants