Ideal for packaging
Thinner hardboard that is well suited for floor protection
Can be used for other protection purposes on construction sites
Available to order in thicknesses of 4.8mm and 6mm for those heavy duty projects.
Reusable and recyclable boards
Flexible but rigid

As a result of their natural composition, LION Boards are safe and high-quality, even in interior decoration. They easily meet the most demanding emissions classification standard for building materials, M1 – our certification for this can be found here

All of our products are available PEFC certified and have full chain of custody. Our product is much greener than the plastic based protection sheets that are commonly used for temporary protection – read here to see our green credentials.

  • Protection
  • Pallet tops and bottoms
  • Packaging
  • Storage
  • Construction sites and heavy duty projects

Europe’s Best Selling Branded Hardboard

LION ProtectTM is a slightly thinner hardboard that is well suited to protection applications. LION ProtectTM can be used for the protection of floors and walls on construction sites and during renovations.

LION ProtectTM is also available to order in thickness of 4.8mm and 6mm for those heavy duty projects.

LION ProtectTM offers superior impact resistance to most polypropylene and plastic protection systems.

Unlike the majority of plastic based temporary protection, LION ProtectTM offers vastly superior anti-slip properties, especially when walked on with wet work boots, whilst having the additional benefit of helping to remove grit and dirt from workman’s boots.

LION ProtectTM is extensively used within the flooring sector learn more about this here

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The Leading Branded Hardboard In Europe

Lion Boards are readily available across EUROPE from all leading STOCKISTS and merchants