Production Process

Hardboard has been produced in Finland since 1931. Over the years, the production techniques, products and end uses have changed considerably, but the basic principles of hardboard have remained the same.

As our hardboard is produced from the by-products of other wood processing industries with virtually no additives, the product retains, or even improves the properties of the raw materials. LION productsTM are clean and safe and have excellent moisture resistance and strength.

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Our Certificates are proof of the quality and environmental friendliness of the raw materials, production processes and finished products.

Our Production Facility

Hardboard manufacturing

  • Two hardboard lines
  • 1220 x 5500 mm, capacity 75.000 m³/year
  • Thicknesses from 2mm-6mm
  • Painting line, capacity 11 million m²/year
  • Cut to size saw, capacity 4 mill. m²/year
  • Oil Tempering
  • Conditioning chambers
  • Perforation